10 Web Design Skills You NEED to Have as a Web Designer

People constantly ask me what web design skills they need to develop in order to become a web designer. These are what I consider to be the 10 MOST IMPORTANT website design skills to master. I guarantee you haven’t heard of at least 5 of them. 😉

01:27 Perseverance
02:33 Time Management
03:36 Empathetic Communication
05:31 Emotional Intelliegence
07:42 Patience
09:00 UX Design
11:23 CMS Tool
12:40 Performance Optimization
13:27 Search Engine Optimization
14:37 Graphic Design

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  1. @RapidWebLaunch:
    Thank you for making and sharing this video.

    I have a few questions.

    1) Is it really true that you don't have to know any code to be a web designer?

    2) Is it mandatory for a web designer to learn SEO and graphic designing?

  2. I was with you for the first few skills needed, although they apply to alot of professions, not only web design. however when you brought up that no coding is needed, together with CMSs, SEO and site performance you lost me. what's the point in carefully design a masterpiece when after all you can't even style the components on WordPress how you want to? sure you can use elementor, but it's bloaty as hell. CMSs are good, good for people who don't want to code, they serve a large group of people and purposes and that's the reason why they'll never be as perfomant as a custom coded website. I'm tired of having 100 requests in the network tab when loading the the index page of a website. seriously, first designing and polishing and then recreating the same with a laggy website builder feels rubbish

  3. This video gave examples over examples jesus christ.
    Just talk to the point,what we need to do and how it's done with list wise.
    Video could have been only 1 minute long

  4. I have a degree in business management, but i always interested in becoming a web designer, i can use the computer very well, could some tell me where can i start my journey through becoming a professional website designer 🙏🙏

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