25 Cool Web Design Trends in 2021

25 Cool Web Design Trends in 2021

Here are 25 website design trends that will likely appear this year in 2021. These are complied by my friend ThemeSelection and you can view all of them on the link below:

They include:
00:00 – Introduction
0:03 – Neumorphism
0:25 – Glassmorphism (Frosted glass)
1:05 – Comfortable Colours (Alternative to dark & light themes)
2:00 – 3D Colours
2:38 – Colour Gradient Schemes
3:37 – Interactive 3D content
4:25 – Material Design
4:45 – Low light & dark mode
5:40 – Minimalism
6:40 – Hand-drawn content
7:24 – Conclusion

And much much more!

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  5. Hey! Thanks for this cool video on the UI trends. Can you please suggest me some tools to create 3D graphics/elements for my website (just like the way you showed on the screen). thanks.

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