3 Principles for better Web Design: Navigation, Hierarchy & Color

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  1. How do you communicate with the client who wants everything to be big like the first Law Firm example? I mean they clearly know shit about how the design work and if they pay you it's kinda ok. But how to try to explain to them that less is more here?

  2. This is a real website! I had to google this to verify because it seemed like you would've gone to a lot of work to mock this up.
    Great review… Tx!

  3. After some work experience I now always wonder whether it was the designer who did not so great or was it the client who was like "I want this bigger, and this bigger, and it's so dark with the black overlay let's get rid of it"

  4. With online competition continually growing, the need to have a website which provides a high quality user experience is essential. This can either be done in house if capable developers are on hand, or outsourced to a professional website design agency. Whether creating a website from scratch, or redesigning a current one, when choosing an agency to work with, it is important to understand what they will do for your website.

  5. Great vid! Can I ask your thoughts on simple menu structure? Specifically how do you feel about top level menus being clickable to a page rather than just expanding a sub menu? Design wise I’m struggling to find consensus on a good way to do this

  6. Starting at 5:42 – "It's very clear that the only thing you look at when you get started is the exceptional outcomes…"

    Nope. That's not the only thing, or even the first thing, that I look at. I'm distracted by the video, didn't even notice anything else right away. Who in their right mind thinks that a distracting video is the best way to lead off a business website?

  7. In my opinion, the main principle in web design is to use good content and show it right
    .Remaining is in the second place, anyway, it depends on your type of business, your business goals, and the position of your brand.

    Anyway, thanks for the video, you are doing good content

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