5 AMAZING WEBFLOW WEBSITES | Web Design Inspiration

Let’s explore 5 Webflow websites that push the boundaries and truly show us just how versatile and malleable Webflow can be.

From premium e-commerce websites, to playfully over-the-top-interactions to full-on gaming prototypes, we’re seeing it all in this roundup. Can you believe this is all done with an entirely visual no-code tool? Insane!

Let us know your favourite Webflow website in the comments!

00:00 Intro
00:47 Apple Website Rebuild
1:57 Civilization
3:23 Loeven Morcel
4:38 Kubo
5:49 Oreo

Apple Website Rebuild:
Loeven Morcel:

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  1. HI Ran. I have a question about webflow. I am currently working on Figma. IN the near future I wanna build websites using webflow. But I can not understand one thing that is webflow only for design or after finishing all the details like the actual website I can actually run it as my website. I can not understand this. Pls, help me with this.

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  4. How good is the quality of the Webflow code export? Are the HTML, CSS, JS files well structure and can be transferred by a developer in to production easily? Any developers, that have experience with these files?

  5. Could you post a video on how to make a "header" like Kubo-patisserie? As in, starts with a fullpage logo+background and on scroll it fixes the nav bar to the top page?
    I made that on my own page, but wanted to see if there is any better way of doing it.

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