5 BEST WEBSITES OF OCTOBER 2020 | Web Design Inspiration

A roundup of the best websites for October 2020.

Today I bring you some absolutely mind-blowing websites for your inspiration. This month it’s all about delightful interactions, beautiful type, clean layouts and insanely high-level art direction.

Web design is such a vast space – so much opportunity for creativity – I love it! Enjoy browsing these gorgeous websites that push creative limits.

Let me know your favourite website in the comments.

The websites in question:
Blind Barber:
Adidas FootLocker:
Google Pixel 5:
Future Generation London:

00:00 Intro
00:28 Blind Barber
2:15 Adidas X Footlocker collab
3:43 Letter
5:37 Google Pixel 5
7:02 Future Generation

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  1. I'd love to be able to create a site like the Adidas one. When I started wed dev flash was all the rave and it had flash mx and later adobe. Is there a way to create 3d without using threejs programmatically?

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  3. When you have a long scroll page, do you think it will be bad if there is extra pages to click on? E.g if you have a services page but when you select it, it takes you another page

  4. How would someone achieve something like the Adidas FootLocker site? I have found Parallax sliders, but I have never seen it like this. I would really love to build this out for a landing page.

  5. Sir, great work. I am in the middle of making an e-commerce website within 2 months all by myself. I am putting everything I can do but need your help to know what other things I need to do to make criof.com come in your top websites list. Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi could you make a best course for this web animation those stuff because this is must we learn as a front end developer so please make a tutorials from basic like web designing course beacuse I learned a lot with that course

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