5 Common Beginner Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Let’s go over some easily avoidable web design mistakes.

These are a dead giveaway that you are a novice as I only ever see these mistakes made by people who are new to the space.

About a month ago, we challenged our Instagram audience to design one homepage hero section per day for 30 days. The twist: They had to use the Unsplash Figma plugin to generate a random image to design around.

With hundreds of participants and thousands of designs with the hashtag #30DaysOfWebDesign, we can definitely say that the challenge has been a great success.

Though, as I was browsing the challenge hashtag to admire the work, I noticed some novice web design mistakes that I thought would be helpful to go over in a video.

The challenge:
The submissions:

Need help mastering hierarchy? We wrote a blog post to help anyone pick up hierarchy:

00:00 Intro
1:00 Huge nav link text
2:25 Minimalism taken too far
3:35 Poor hierarchy
4:50 Image-text contrast
5:55 Poor alignment & balance
8:10 Poor hierarchy

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Thanks for watching the video!


  1. For the image-text contrast, is it good enough to add outline on the text so that it will be readable anyway?

  2. this man reminds me of someone….possibly from a tv show? not a major role tho….somebody help me out,cause its driving me crazy

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  4. I'm learning web designer, 😭 sucks design tools Adobe XD ,figma. But I can done design work by coding. Should I go back end or keep front end work?!

  5. Hey Ran. I have no experience with web design, other than wix and such. I really like web flow and would intend to use it. But, where would you suggest going to learn the fundamentals of web design and psychology of it?

  6. As always I learned something good from his videos but I feel that the video would have been a bit more helpful if he would have said some suggestions on what he would do to fix it forAs always I learned something good from his videos but I feel that the video would have been a bit more helpful if he would have said some suggestions on what he would do to fix it . Even just 1 or 2 suggestions would give me a better idea of what he would be looking for in the finished product

  7. Maybe you could make an “Intermediate” Web Design Mistakes to Avoid?

    Would be helpful for us people who aren’t web design noobies, but also not pros yet.

  8. Lesson of the video: Never neglect the importance of design basics whether it’s website, branding or something else.

  9. A week ago, I began my web design journey. I was a content writer and copywriter for a long time, and I was given the opportunity to learn web design using Divi.

    Although you talk more about Webflow, I find your content very informative and straight to the point. It is a valuable resource for web design newbies like myself. Keep it coming Ran. Thanks for awesome, easy-to-digest content!

  10. Hey Ran, I just came here to say neat camera edit at 9:25. These are the subtle details that make a difference haha… Cheers!

  11. The first thing is so true! I was doing it in Figma. Things looked massive when I went into 100% zoom 😂

  12. Definitely use Figma or Adobe XD to check out if the size is big, use to be surprised when things are in my face in how big things are 😄

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