5 Easy Web Design Hacks (2021)

5 random but super cool/useful/interesting web design tips. Take from this what you will. Enjoy!

Custom code for background blur:

.class {
-webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(10px);
backdrop-filter: blur(10px);

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  1. I love your vids. You make complicated things so smooth and smart. .. The link to your masterclass is broken…

  2. The white noise in this one is pretty noticeable. Davinci Resolve has a free noise removal tool. iZotope RX is also excellent.

  3. Great video Izzy, some cool tips and tricks in there, all very much in vougue right now on the web. However is it still ok to just produce great looking static websites for clients and your own portfolio? I feel like with all that with the advances of animation and how its viral use of loads of cool lookng websites, there is almost this pressure it seems like, that if your not using animation, it's now all of a sudden judged as not a great website, which is simply not true I already feel like there is so much to learn about beautiful colour, layout, typography choices at a static level without the overwelm of feeling like I have to learn how to then animate all that stuff too on the website which could add more years to the learning curve of making great looking websites

  4. Great video Izzy! Love that list. Would definitely appreciate a second part✌🏼 I’d agree that using a glassy navigation looks premium. However, I’m not sure if, in this case, the contrast ratio between the default state of the links and the blurred background is high enough. Maybe it’s different in real life.. I’ll take a look at it by myself.💙

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