5 Inspirational Website Designs for 2021

Let’s look at some of the best websites for inspiration in 2021! In this video we will look at the top 5 websites for scroll interactions, Lottie animations, custom cursors and beautiful web interactions.

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Featured Websites:
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0:11 Proto Homes:
2:19 Timeslot:
3:20 Procreate:
4:22 Alienist:
6:06 Milkshake 2020:

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5 Inspirational Website Designs for 2021
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  1. Those sites that have you scroll endlessly have awful UIs. They're annoying af. I immediately click away from them.

  2. I'd just like to let you know that your YouTube advertising is absolutely on point. I just clicked through on 2 ads that were exactly what I was looking for.

    Hope you're getting some good ad revenue from editorX and WebFlow.

  3. B2C websites, especially those who appeal to young audiences can be anything your imagination can conjure. But show me a single B2B company that can take these creative risks… older audiences – especially in a business setting – can't afford to waste time walking through a circus of nonstop motion. The question is simple: Does your audience want to be entertained or does it want to be informed? Web animation has been around for a very long time (Think Adobe Flash); it really never caught on in the B2B world. Videos as a second example came in strong a few years back, and now they're back in the drawer. It really comes down to the age range and patience of the audience. As an old fart, I can tell you that I personally despise being taken down a visual path that the designer "thought" I would be entertained by in order to get to the information I seek. Lots of young designers want to turn websites into Disney rides. Those sites end up getting mentioned in videos like this and become even more popular among designers. Question is…is this really serving the interests of the client? or is it just a fun way to display your talent at your client's expense?

  4. They all are pretty good, thank you for sharing. I think it will be useful for inspiration. Good luck to your channel and stay making content such this.

  5. everything flies, I do not like such pages, to find something on such pages quickly you have to scroll or fly across the page. they are nice but if someone needs information quickly, they won't find it on such websites.

  6. hi, this is tanaz nikoufekr, If you are looking to design a site with a reasonable price, you can contact me for more information

  7. I am noob I just started learning web development I come here to get some inspiration but after watching the first website I was like ..this is out of my league

  8. Anyone know where we can find a quality tutorial to do almost any of these sites / animations? Thank you!!! πŸ“

  9. Hey guys I've a request . Does anyone knows here how to learn this amazing skill . Please help me to learn this . This is so amazingg am seriously in love with this thing and I do want to create websites like these. Please do reply…

  10. The designs are awesome, the only problem is that the average web user doesn't understand all the navigation process.

  11. Wonder how they make this type of creative website, wish you make tutorial for each of these inspirational website design.

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