5 revenue streams for website design freelancers

As a freelance website designer, your income depends on the number of projects you get, but most importantly on the number of website design projects you can handle.

This is why finding extra revenue streams to feed your monthly income as a website designer is key.

In this video, I thought about sharing with you 5 ideas that do not require you to learn new skills. Actually, these are ideas that come from tasks that you are already doing, and can turn them into revenue.

What are some of the ideas you had to create an extra revenue stream for your freelance website design business?

0:00 Intro
1:45 Idea one: Sell templates of your work
3:00 How I sold my own Social Media Posting Calendar
4:33 Get Sponsors by shooting videos
6:00 Teach what you do and charge for it
7:20 The best example: Ran Segall
8:30 Mentor Others
10:00 Add sub-services to your website design business

About Me:
Leopoldo Pirela is a Freelance Marketing Designer and Webflow Expert, who has been working with early-stage startups for over 10 years.

During his career as a Freelance Marketing Designer, he has worked with major brands to help them raise funding and close new clients. He specializes in Pitch Deck, Website, and UI Design, which he uses to solve business problems for his customers.

Leo is currently creating a lot more content that will help others learn the design and business skills that are needed to run a successful website design freelance business. So if you are interested in seeing what he has to offer, check out the rest of his videos and follow him around the web.

Twitter: @leop2401

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