5 Website Design Hints. Web Design Tutorial For Beginners.

Do you want to make your website look awesome? These 5 Website Design Tips will help you make your website look like it was designed by a professional, even if you’re not a professional website Designer.

I made this a web design tutorial for beginners, because why not make your first website look awesome?

My top recommendations for easy to use website builders:

The best theme for building a WordPress website. Divi theme Review:

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Learn how to build your own awesome looking website step by step in my free YouTube Course:

Easily create your own color palettes:

Free resources for great images:

Paid resources for images for your website:

Why you should create space in your website design:

Why you should skip the sliders when designing pages:

See if your website is mobile friendly:

Cool resources for font combinations:

How To Make A Website With WordPress:

The easiest way to install WordPress:


  1. Just got my first gig helping a business owner design his website. I am not very experienced with webdesign so your video has been very helpful for allowing me to break the ice. Thank you man! New sub.

  2. Very useful. It teaches about creating a color palette, using a professional picture, adding extra space around elements, choose the most important information and put it on top, and designing for mobile devices too.

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