A Simple Website Design Strategy

If you’re like most businesses, your goal is NOT to spend thousands of dollars just to make your website look prettier. Most businesses who think they simply have a website problem really have a marketing strategy problem.

Before investing a single dollar into redesigning your website, follow this simple 4 step website design strategy:

1) Prioritize Goals
2) Map User Journey
3) Audit Messaging
4) Design

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  1. you don't know this content how much worth for us im bought useless courses but in this 6m video give me actually what i looking for… ?😍 again thank you so much for giving this for free…

  2. Holy cow that was more informative in 6 minutes than ALL the one hour meetings I’ve had in person with design firms over the last 4 months COMBINED!

  3. Hey Sean, great tips as always. I'm just stating in the branding strategy field and this comes up very helpful. Thank you

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