Adobe XD Travel Website Design – Tutorial

Create a travel website design using Adobe Xd. In this video we will create a modern travel website that highlights the destinations best features.

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Adobe XD Travel Website Design – Tutorial
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  1. hey caler i have a some constructive criticism for your videos. your complete video is a do this do that. but not a why do it in the first place. this teaches people what you do but not how to arive at the same place by themselves. i think people would get more from the insight into the logic behind the choices. again great designs

  2. I think youare indonesian bro. But after know your accent. Its look impossible, but thanks for this tutorial

  3. Hey, what's up? I've been learning a lot about Adobe XD watching your videos! Always amazing works… but would you give a look at a project I'm making using Adobe XD? Just to say what should I change or use to make it better… I can send upload the XD file on a google drive folder or just upload some print screens… thanks a lot! Already following the channel…

  4. hey, what happens to the top navigation bar when u scroll it down. how does it gets fixed to that position?

  5. Jelas dia bikin explore indonesia, banyak ui/ux designer yg nonton dia dari indonesia, cuma mereka gak komen biar keliatan hebat.

  6. Hello, i have a question and if some1 can ask me, i dont have that CMD button on keyboard and he s saying always CMD+G how do i get that 😀 ?

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  8. thank you for making Indonesian nature in your prototype, when do you want to go to Indonesia I happen to have a hobby of climbing mountains, I invite you to see more and more about our nature 🙏

  9. Very informative, keep bringing more of that kind of videos. Helps many that wanna step up in their life

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