Animated Website Homepage Design | Landing Page Design, Animation On Scroll, Smooth Scrolling Effect

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Hello friends, in this video I’m creating an animated website homepage design with animation on scroll using aos js, smooth scrolling effect using luxy js, image slider using slick carousel, button hover effect using before(slide left to right), menu hover effect(border scale left to right) and star 360deg rotate animation using CSS keyframe animation, guys All the thing doing only HTML, CSS(css3 animation and hover effect) and jQuery Plugins(luxy js, aos js, slick caoruse). friends I hope you love these videos if you have any questions in your mind feel free to comment or email I’ll try to answer.


0:08 – Preview(Website Homepage Design)
1:54 – Figma Design File
2:29 – Folder Structure of Creating a Website
2:46 – Add a Slick Carouse js, AOS js, jQuery & Luxy js Link
4:13 – Normalize CSS
4:23 – Start HTML Structure for Header & Other Section
5:12 – Section 1(3 Images In One Row Using CSS Flex)
6:07 – Hero Section
6:13 – Section 2(LeftSide Text & Right Side Image)
8:11 – Section 3(LeftSide Image & Right Side Text)
8:50 – Section 4(3 Images, 360 Rotate Star)
10:00 – Section 5(Background VIdeo & Overlay Text, Click to Play, Video Poster)
10:54 – Section 6(Autoplay Image Slider with Slider Carousel)
11:32 – Footer(Cirular Text with Rotate Animation)
12:23 – Working with CSS
16:11 – Button Hover Effect, CSS Before(left to right)
16:55 – Star 360 Rotating Animation(CSS Keyframe Animation)
21:35 – Overlay Text & HTML5 Background Video & Video Poster
22:00 – jQuery On Click to Play Videos
23:00 – jQuery Slick Carousel Integration(Autoplay, Continue Scrolling Image Slider)
24:21 – Circular Text 360 Rotating Animation(CSS Keyframe Animation)
25:06 – Email Link Border Hover Effter(Border Scale left to right)
26:10 – Working with Smooth Scrolling Effect with Luxy js
28:19 – Working with Animation On Scroll with AOS js

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  1. would really appreciate it if u could actually post source codes… i am literally ur 6th comment n it would help a lot to everyone

  2. wow this layout looks nice and out-of-the box…
    i like your taste of women and music too.
    do you do backend?
    do you sell this one (code) seems long time since you posted on patreon…

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