1. Me: my website looks good. *shows actually good website
    Mom: nah…
    Me: *shows this video

  2. i'm gald to see high school board site of missisipe (sorry i dont know the spelling)
    is compiteting the indian central board of secondry education . 😂😂😂 (( i thought only indian government are bad at there offical sites but i was wrong))

  3. I had to go and change some things on the website of my web-provider. They've gotten a new design since I last logged in, and it's so fucking terrible that I wanted to punch a whole through the screen in sheer frustration. I hope they get their money back, because who ever made that website for them are scam artists.

  4. 6:39 Just so everyone knows, the words translatio at the top is "This is our retro archive site. We keep it only from sentiment.

    Please visit our current website [url]"

  5. Yet these websites run just fine and are probably a couple of kilobytes in size. Compared to modern websites that are giant operating systems almost.

  6. Thanks…the company I work for is looking to redesign their website. Glad I saw this as now I know what should not be done. These do suck.

  7. "They are old websites from a decade ago! Maybe they were well designed at that time!" Err nope. They were horrible even in 2008, and I'd say even in early '00 as I remember using websites that were simple and easy to use and didn't destroy your retinas. They were and are (maybe) good only as a first exercise for front end learners, so don't find excuses for bad works, especially because there are people who are paid to make these disasters. A website can have a basic layout and a sparkly style with a decent distribution of contents and colors. And I believe the best way to lern how to do something is to also see how NOT to do that, which applies to any skill.

  8. Here's a thought: maybe these sites were pretty good for their time. Why don't you compare a good website from the same decade and a bad one?

  9. Lol I work for pennyjuice😂. I remember when this website was still up I couldn’t believe something that god awful could actually be used as a marketing strategy😂. That’s why we stick to social media now.

  10. Cool, bought a membership yesterday! Now I just got to learn all the different parts of the builder etc… 🙂

  11. I really like this video. I find it interesting as it shows me there are still people out there that are in need of a web designer or even someone to redesign their website. Its 2018 and there are plenty of terrible site out there, its motivates me knowing I can find clients! Keep making videos like this 😁

  12. This is some 90's shit is what this is, if you remember "Mirsky's Worst of the Web." Snobbery wasn't funny then, and it's not funny now.

    I could lampoon your site and products by harping on "I don't know if I'm logged in or not!" and "I already paid for a lifetime account and they're still trying to sell me shit!" or "Why do I have to code in all these social media icons in PHP, when I bought a f*cking builder to speed this up!?" and "Why is this bottom bar NOT showing MY name?" and so on.

    Stay Classy, ET.

  13. The website for Suzanne Collins just makes me feel sad. Why would such a famous author put up with such a BAD website!?

    Seeing that a government rep’s website was trying to post a Buzzfeed-style article (and failing miserably) is just so on-brand with the current administration, it hurts the brain.

    All the other examples are wild early 90’s throwbacks to early web design, especially the Blinky one. MySpace decor, anyone?

    Speaking of off-brand, I have to concur with another commenter that this comparison video, and the tone of it, feels very atypical of what Elegant Themes usually produces. I was actually expecting a more measured “what not to do” video, with suggestions as to how to create better designs, not a full-on lampooning of web “designs” that only see “page 5987” of Google search results, if they see the digital light of day at all.

    Unless it’s Suzanne Collins’s website. Someone on staff should reach out to her & offer to revamp her website.

  14. Sites like that don't make me laugh, they make me sad. 🙁

    These creations do offer valuable insights on what definitely not to do.

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