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  1. What kind of web publishing software would you use if you were building a large website like facebook or youtube? I know they have developers but are they writing every line of front end code or are they using a GUI? I have developers building a social platform like this but they bill by the hour so of course they want to write out all the code. I'd like to be able to make components (like you do with wireframes), make changes to them by point and click (like wireframes) and not manual writing of all the html/css/javascript. Publish them to the server and see my changes right away. Can that be done? Is it being done? I dont care how expensive the software is (developers have already charged a fortune).

  2. Figma isn't really for web design all the web design plugins to export to html are either expensive or trash but figma isn't slow that's a you problem

  3. Xd is far more powerful than figma or invision or sketch, for those who knows how to use it this is the best option for app and webdesign

  4. Hey… it's 2020 and just getting started with web design, layout and intra & extra-net applications… I am just getting productive with Python, HTML, CSS, Django, JS etc… Is the Adobe Creative Cloud the best route for getting the most functionality and flexibility for your $. Thank you in advance for any input.

  5. Affinity Designer + Affinity Photo is like Photoshop + illustrator + Sketch and it costs 100 $ one time payment

  6. Hi,
    Does anyone know any good Adobe Illustrator tutorials for how to make something like what you see at 8:54? I am really interested in that type of illustration, but I don't know how to get started.

  7. Do you think it's necessary to learn code as a UX Designer, when there are services like WIx, WordPress, Webflow etc. where coding isn't required?

  8. @


    Would you be interested in doing a website video review for our platform?

    We do offer a user-friendly drag and drop tool that helps business owners a professional website

  9. What do you think of web designing using elemntor ? I am currently using it and it simplifies most things (i am not in the web designing field) so this simplifies things for me. I am learning how to use illustrator and PS to implement in the websites I am

    What are your thoughts in using elemntor as an asset ?

  10. very useful post 👍👍, I started learning adobe XD as in a designer familiar with photoshop, but bit confuse with other appications, but ur post helped me, thanks a lot…

  11. Photoshop is great, but I'm still not a fan of the subscription model (yes, it does have positives, but it also has negatives).

  12. One day the Great Designer will rise and make them all collab.

    They shall create the Software from the aches of burned expectations.

    One Soft to rule them all, One Soft to find them,

    One Soft to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,

    In the Land of Clients where the bigger Logos lie.

    The one and only
    Skitchgma XD.

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