BEST WEB PORTFOLIO: Case Study of Web Design

The Perfect Design Portfolio.

It’s been a while since I did my last portfolio case study, but I’m blown away by this website. Danbee Shin is a web designer that has taken the feedback I usually give in my reviews and case studies to the next level.

I consider this the best graphic design portfolio 2020; that’s why I call it the perfect design portfolio. If you enjoyed this case study of web design, let me know, and we’ll do more.

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  1. not gonna lie it's an amazing website… but, IMO if I see a website like this, the first thing come to my mind is it's not a legit business website, it looks like a john / jane doe website template…

  2. Hii
    I am Aadwitiya Anil i kinda need your help i am a coder (not that professional one😅) i want to design a portfolio page of me and 3 of my friends so the problem is that i am using an offline editor named as "Sublime Text" i want that the pics to be big and when i clicked on one of them it should take me to another website
    So kindly suggest me some code..
    Thank you in advance😉😘

  3. Hi there, I went through her website today and it looks amazing. Very subtle and talks a lot about her choices.. It is simply perfect to look at. However I was thinking, she might have to consider adding a button which helps to scroll up, it is kind of tedious to scroll up all the way when you have reached the end of the page, especially the project pages like M for health etc. No offense, just my point of view.

  4. 6:43 You say she should put a CTA for the two options, but it's not like they're just going to "add to cart" a 5000 dollar website… They're going to call or email her, that's the CTA, and that's exactly what she puts "immediately* afterwards anyway…

    8:37 you say she should "put the results at the top"… What was that about going through the whole process and not just skipping to the end you said earlier? It's like you forgot everything you just said several mins ago lol.

  5. Hey Ran. Can I ask – did you look at her work, or just her portfolio? In my opinion her website is fairly average and while it's clear and her messaging is great, it's not really that superb as a UI or creative example in my opinion. When I looked at her work – her clients' websites – they are all very much the same, and they are all based on her own website concepts. I'm interested if you have some other reason for covering this particular website when it's really not that amazing. Thanks.

  6. I actually love Danbees website and choices in approach and layout so glad you picked this out to highlight – Whilst I am always impressed by websites that have moving parts on scrolling, animated elements that pop out, slide and move in and out of place, these are all distractions as well as time consuming concepts to get right but in the end do they really support what the client needs?
    These days a nice clean focused site without all the fancy stuff really hits the spot in my mind – saying that a simple little animation appropriate to the clients site, persona and messaging can be an interesting cherry on the cake. Thanks again for sharing as I need all the ideas I can get as I delve back into web design after a long absence

  7. Since she’s a freelance web designer, she doesn’t necessarily need to include UX Design process (problem space, design alternatives, prototype, test) just curious

  8. my first impression was: shes a health coach and you can book her as a health coach. i recognized that shes a webdesigner only because ron said, that she is. so i am not sure if this site is really that good 🙂 it kind of leads me in the wrong direction. maybe just because she is so specific. also beeing so specific, i doubt she will get much work outside health coaches business, because there are not so many health coaches out there looking for a website. but maybe i am wrong and she gets a lot of conversion.

  9. Amazing copy on her site, makes me really want to learn copywriting. I'm a crap writer that's nearly 40 so probably a non-starter haha

  10. great video , but maybe really adjust the mic the high ends are just too sharp. And the website was built on oslo theme , its a wordpress theme , you can use plugin like what runs for chrome to check the tech behind a site

  11. The link structure is pretty odd and confusing. There's no direct link to the packages in the main menu, and when you click the See Packages link in the middle of the home page, you go directly to the Top of the services page, and have to scroll to the very bottom — quite a long way, after a lot of text and links about "book a call" — to finally get to the packages. Not a mistake, I think. In my view, this strategy creates annoyance at best and conveys dishonesty at worst.

  12. This is the website of a writer, not a visual designer. Furthermore, no man in the personal trainer business would respond positively to all the words or pale color scheme; it's clearly for women only. If this was DanBee Shin's goal, she hit it perfectly.

  13. Going to the site, I get the impression DanBee Shin is a health coach because it says AS A HEALTH COACH, as the first line. That's confusing right off the bat. Were I a potential client looking for a web designer, I might very well leave before reading further.

  14. No dude, this is not a good general example.

    First of all she’s a woman and women have it easier presenting themselves. If I would put my face on my portfolio, I would look really creepy, not everyone have good genes.

    Then she’s working in a niche – again much more easier to sell yourself.

    Lastly her works look like simple templates. Over $3k on that client website? Wow, that looks like a $700 design, seriously.

    Here’s the secret of her success: she’s targeting a “bubble” with rich white women. She uses feminine colors and easy copy, perfect for her clients. She could easily add “baby shower websites” as her clients are into this kind of things.

    So yes, she’s doing a good job but NO WAY this example applies to all freelancers.

  15. What to do if you do not want to work only for one category of people, but you want to get different projects from different industries? Why is generic not okey for a designer?

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