Can you still use PHOTOSHOP for Web Design?!

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— Today, I ask the age old question, “Can you still use Photoshop for UI design in 2020?” Well, of course, everyone says no. But I take an in-depth look at this question and consider is there EVER a use-case where it makes sense. WATCH to find out!

Let’s get started!

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  1. Okay but what is the correct sizing etc I start off with? I designed myspace layouts all the time in my day and on an old ass computer when I was young, now I am in my 30's and want to do real websites..

  2. The basic issues for me and many others, I suspect, is not the design capabilities of any of these products, but the lack of publishing. XD has a plugin that kind of works but is hardly professional. Anything else requires the designs to be imported to something like Dreamweaver for coding. This, to me , is a backward step considering how something like Adobe Muse was more than capable of doing all in one. So Adobe discontinue that product to make publishing more difficult. Added cost is why they do this. Greed.

  3. I think Abobe XD is a very good tool, but it lacks the features photoshop has. I agree that if you keep it simple than Photoshop is not needed, but when you like to add brushes, patterns, effects.. you still need photoshop

  4. If you make a design for Jewish site on Hebrew it's impossible to use figma or XD… Because of right to left direction. And there is no normal plugin for solving this problem

  5. I tend to agree that it doesn't really matter the tools used. I've found that it usually depends on how you work with developers and clients. For most clients PSDs are acceptable forms of assets, while other workflows from other clients may work with XD/Sketch etc. It entirely depends on the full workflow stream from concept to execution. And of course old habits die hard! Love your vids and keep up the great work!

  6. I still use it. It's faster for me to prototype more than anything else. As a matter of fact, it's the only thing I use. I can build out all my elements in CSS later. I think the stigma from the early 90s of people building stuff in Photoshop and slicing it into images for tables is why people look down at it. Honestly, there's no valid reason why you wouldn't want to use it.

  7. I fully agree with you. That is what I say to everybody, it's all tools so doesn't matter to me what kind of tool you use to achive a result, since you achive it. If someone use Paint to make a Desing and it's good, I'm ok with it and I won't obligate this person to use MY favorite tool.

    It's all about the result and not the tools used in the process.

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