Complete Airline Website Design | HTML, CSS, JS | Responsive Landing Page

A Complete tutorial on making a modern and responsive website using HTML, CSS and Javascript along with a couple of libraries like swiper JS and Animate CSS.

What You Will Learn:
How to:
– Layer images on a webpage and create some beautiful effects
– Animate HTML elements on scroll with Animate.CSS and Wow.js
– Responsive Design
– Make a responsive navbar with open/close functionality
– Use before & after elements on a webpage in creative ways
– Create stunning text decorations
– Make awesome link hover animations
– Create content and image swipers that work on desktop and
mobile using Swiper.js
– Turn a PSD design to HTML
– Create advanced layouts with Flexbox and CSS Grid
– Use CSS variables across your webpage for easier color
– Use colors across a webpage and make it look lovely
– Add Font Awesome icons to your page
– Create sleek looking buttons with CSS
– Handle and layout text accross a webpage to make it look clean
– How to create a full landing page design &
general web design concepts

Font Awesome Icons:

Google Fonts:

Swipper JS:

Animate CSS:


All Images Used In The Video:

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  1. I can't seem to make the directories work on the "Starter Template". I don't understand or know how to install them, I tried but no new folders pop up, for example the swiper thing.

    Could someone help?

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