Complete Responsive Save Nature Website Design [ HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT ] – Step By Step

create a complete responsive save nature / environment / forest website design template using html, css and vanilla javascript from scratch.
complete responsive mobile first nature website design tutorial step by step.
simple responsive website design using flexbox layout.

the main features of this website are:

✔ responsive header / navbar section with toggle menu effect
✔ responsive and simple hero / home section
✔ responsive about section using flexbox
✔ responsive service section with flexbox
✔ responsive project sections with awesome hover effects
✔ responsive donate section with video on background effect
✔ responsive post section using flexbox
✔ responsive footer section using flexbox



download the home background image from here:

download the images from:

[ ]

[ ]

download the donate background video from here:

font awesome cdn link:

google font ” open sans “:

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0:00 demo
4:38 file structure
5:46 header / navbar section
13:15 home section
17:54 about section
23:28 service section
28:10 project section
33:02 donate / contact section
39:14 post section
43:48 footer section
49:41 mobile first



  1. can you send me the full code because it's a little bit hard for me 😅.. still it is very nice video bro

  2. sir can you please provide backend source Code for "Donate Us" Page ?
    i mean about how to add data base sir…

  3. Its amazing and also the My project name …. Thanks for sharing🤗….
    Sir, would you like to share whole html code of this website.

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