Complete Responsive Web Service Website Design Using [ HTML / CSS / JS / JQUERY ] – Step By Step

how to make complete responsive online web service website design using html, css, javascript and jquery.
create a complete responsive mobile first website design using html, css and javascript / jquery step by step.
complete responsive website design tutorial with source code provided.

the main features of this website are:
✔ responsive header section with toggle menu effect.
✔ responsive home section with wave animation effects.
✔ responsive about section
✔ responsive service section
✔ responsive team card section
✔ responsive contact section
✔ responsive FAQ section with accordion effect.


download source code from google drive:

font awesome cdn link:

[ ]

jquery cdn link:

[ ]

google fonts:

[ ]

svg images link:

team section images are from pexels:

[ ]

watch the full playlist of how to create responsive websites:

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0:00 demo
4:56 file setup
6:12 header / navbar section
14:50 home section
17:48 wave animation
19:35 nuts animation
21:05 about section
29:09 service section
34:12 team section
40:16 contact section
45:37 faq section
53:00 footer section
55:32 mobile first



  1. I just loved! For reduced speed so we can learn easily I recommend everyone to reduce speed to 0.25. I could understand and type at almos same pace than video 🙂
    for the creator, is it possible to create a video that explains how to make this form real functional? I loved the style and wanted to copy one in my project. I´m stuck in the scrip for form :/

  2. Bro There is a big with Contact Form
    Actually It's apparently decoded that always type the first letter in capital . But some e mails have small letters in their first word

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