Create a Minimalist Website Design using Slides Framework

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How to Create a Minimalist Website Design using Slides Framework

Hey everyone, today I will show you how to create a minimal style website using Slides framework.

In this video tutorial, I will explain how to work with the Slides App, how to use the manual, how to use the examples and how to edit the code. In less than 30 minutes, we’ll create a cool website with good design and animation.

Start by opening the Slides App, here I will start to build my website by choosing from designs and effects. The first thing I will do is switch the background option to white because I want a minimalistic website and don’t need background images and effects. I choose the desired slides one by one. I’m trying to choose different types of slides to show you how to work with each of them. For animation, I will select the Chain effect, I think this effect is perfect for my website style. I will ignore the menus and navigation and will leave the default Style of the website because it is perfect for what I want to build. Let’s see the preview of the actual template, to be sure I have finished the slides selection and I can export them to my local computer.

After watching this video you should be ready to use Slides to create a website fast. For an advanced customization just use our detailed documentation page and ready-made examples which will help you integrate different services and options into your website.

I hope you enjoyed this video, see you again soon!


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