Create A Responsive Cosmetics Website Design Using HTML / CSS / SASS / JavaScript – Step By Step

how to make a complete responsive cosmetics / spa / makeup website design template using html css / sass and vanilla javascript from scratch.
create a complete responsive single page cosmetics website design using html css / sass and javascript tutorial for beginners.

the main feature of this website are:
✅ responsive header section with search bar using vanilla javascript.
✅ responsive home slider with split screen vanilla javascript.
✅ responsive category section using css grid.
✅ responsive about section.
✅ responsive shop / products section with touch slider using swiper.js.
✅ responsive lightbox gallery section with touch slider using lightbox-js.
✅ responsive team section using css grid.
✅ responsive reviews / testimonial section with touch slider using swiper.js.
✅ responsive service section with css grid.
✅ responsive blogs / news / posts section with touch slider using swiper.js.
✅ responsive footer section with css grid.



*How To Download*

Step 1 :- click the google drive link ☝☝☝
Step 2 :- click on download link in the google drive.
Step 3 :- extract the zip file into your desired folder.
Step 4 :- open the folder and then rename each coding files.
Step 5 :- convert each coding files example ( index.txt to index.html ) – ( style.txt to style.css ) – ( script.txt to script.js ).
Step 6 :- open the converted index.html file into your browser.
Step 7 :- open your editor and put your converted into it and then edit it as you like.

lightgallery.js official website:

lightgallery.js cdn links:

swiper.js link:

font awesome cdn link:

google fonts:

clip-path generator:

Editor : – visual studio code with Laetus: Dark Vibrant Theme
Browser : – google chrome
UI Tool : – Figma
Images / Video / SVG : –
01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –
05 –
06 –
07 –

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0:00 demo
4:25 file structure
5:40 header
27:25 home
45:15 category
49:00 about
52:30 shop
1:10:12 gallery
1:15:29 team
1:23:49 arrivals
1:31:31 reviews
1:39:57 service
1:43:39 blogs
1:54:44 footer
2:07:57 final demo



  1. Great webdesign… but im having trouble with the sliders and the icons working as they should… :c

  2. Amazing!!! I really appreciate your designs, it simply awesome. Please can you also make a responsive admin dashboard?

  3. Olha, esse material disponibilizado por você, com tanta riqueza de detalhes, tem valor inestimável… acredito que nenhum de nós podemos retribuir, mas o Senhor esse sim, tem visto o que tens feito, e Ele há de ser por ti, abraços e obrigado. 🙂

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  6. Superb Frontend Designing Sir. really like it! 🙂 ….Please make one video on Portfolio website, Personal Blog.

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