Create A Responsive ' Online Education ' Website Design Using [ HTML CSS JS ] – Step By Step

how to make an online education website design using html css and javascript / jquery from scratch.
create a complete responsive website design from scratch step by step.
responsive online study website design layout tutorial for beginners.

the main feature of this website are:

✔ responsive header / navbar with toggle menu bar effect.
✔ responsive home / hero section.
✔ responsive about section using flexbox.
✔ responsive course section using flexbox.
✔ responsive about section.
✔ responsive contact section using flexbox.
✔ responsive footer section section using flexbox.



about image link:

course images are from freepic:

fonts are from google fonts:

font awesome cdn link:

jquery cdn link:

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0:00 demo
3:55 file structure
5:41 header / navbar section
14:00 login form
20:20 home section
25:14 about section
27:09 course section
33:20 teachers section
34:58 contact section
39:28 scroll spy
41:19 footer section
45:25 final demo



  1. When link the html with css, I need to edit <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css"> to <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">, so it can appear in brower. I don't know the reason, my editor is sublime.

  2. Sir I can't run these program .pls step by step .write in comments sir .

    When I run than image not showing in html .and script and css not working properly ..when I run than all things are unsijil

  3. sir, i have written all the code as it is but still facing problem in login page.
    The login page is not showing after clicking that icon. please can u help me………………

  4. Bonjour j'ai une question svp comme c'est js si je fais des modifications et que je le rends en es6 et react avec ( create-reacta-app) c possible de se faciliter la tâche si jamais je veux l'écrire en react native pour du mobile ? Merci !

  5. <a href="#"><button class="btn">get started</button></a> this line in index file gives error. it says "element button cannot be nested inside element <a>'. Now what to be used?

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