Create a Responsive Plants Website Design Using HTML CSS & JavaScript 🎍

In this video, I have shown you how to create responsive plants website design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 🎍

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📁 Assets
Dopely colors:

✒️ Designer of this website

🔗 Source code

☝ How to download the project
– Click on the GitHub link
– Click the green button (code)
– Click Download ZIP
– Extract the project to the desired location

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⏱ Timestamps
0:00 Intro Responsive Plants Website
5:07 Project Setup
7:15 Variables CSS
9:55 Reset HTML
11:46 Reusable CSS Classes
13:07 Header & Nav Menu
24:17 Home
32:15 Buttons
34:14 About
40:20 Change Background Header
42:16 Steps
47:50 Products
54:54 Questions
01:06:38 Contact
01:17:00 Footer
01:28:07 Scroll Sections Active Link
01:31:02 Scroll Up
01:34:06 Scroll Bar
01:35:18 Dark/Light Theme
01:41:45 Breakpoints
01:57:55 ScrollReveal Animation
02:01:40 Final Project

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  1. Bro I have a little advice : if you are using vs code editor then you should use auto save option in your editor provided in the settings…. Just go to settings and search for the auto save and select after delay…. Thanks for the video anyway….

  2. One question. What should we write on JS so that if we scroll up the sticky header will disappear and scroll down it will appear again. You have showed here the sticky header part.

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