Create Awesome Web Designs | Layout Design Tutorial

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Today we will learn how to create any type of web design we want to using the basic principles of composition and layout.
If you struggle creating designs for your website this will help you out.
Also check out my typography and color theory tutorials before.

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  1. How to decide the styleguide of a website. What font/color/sizes and spacing to be used before having an actual design?

  2. Thanks for your video, I recently bought a massage for my mom. The institute is run by one person and her website is very amateurish.
    So, I'm practising my design skill over her website, one thing. I benchmarked a lot of massage institute web sites and most of them look terrible …
    I'm having a hard time designing in a way that you see it and you feel already good. But I will keep working on it.

    But my question is, she put some pictures online she probably took herself, there are not very good but I believe it kinds of making a connection between the viewer and the place.
    So I would like your advice, should we keep them regardless of their quality or should we keep only "pro" pictures?

    I know bad pictures can be a hard stop to the sale, and of course, she has to contact a pro to make them better. But in the meantime, I don't really know what to do about it!

  3. really enjoy your content, feel like I am talking to a friend, and he is describing me something interesting 💔

  4. Hey man! How's going? Can you please make videos tutorials how to make UX 3d graphics with functional purpose or UX advanced onboarding or UX advanced personalisation
    or UX compelling storytelling? I know that there are other channels…. but I only follow your work and as a teacher I consider you creative, authentic. I can only watch your tutorials so that I don't get a headache hahha and yeah I enjoy what I like to do by your videos. Peace!

  5. What is the name of the program you use for design and how can I link it to html for programming please download an explanatory video for us

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