Creating a Modern Web Design Illustration using Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 (Tutorial)

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Today’s Question: What do you think the biggest trend in 2019 for UI design will be?
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— Today, we’re going to hop inside of Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 to create a UI Illustration, which is a very popular trend that we’ve seen in 2018 and will for certain in 2019. Today’s tutorial is a lengthy one, but you will see how to construct one of these Illustrations from scratch!

Metaball script referenced in the tutorial:

Let’s get started!

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  1. Sub up bros! Today's question: What do you think the biggest trend in 2019 for UI design will be? (I'm saving my thoughts for an upcoming video)

  2. Thanks👉this exactly what i have been searching for,thanks for the knowledge and experience it really helpful

  3. you have too much stuff to show , i even don´t know, where to begin to be like u, adobe photoshop, illustrator, xd, react, css, …???where and how to begin, it crazy to watch all your tutos…

  4. What I would love to see from you is a video on how to make video thumbnails.

  5. Does anyone know how can i open the css file from Illustrator into Adobe dream weaver ,when i open the css file there, it comes up with lots of classes i dont know how to deal with those classes.


  7. Great video !!! One question … On the subject of the texts, what should be the title of the rest of the paragraph? Can you create everything together in the same block by changing the size and font of the title within the same box? I can't find information on how to layout the texts correctly so that the programmer doesn't have problems.

  8. To repeat a process press Ctrl + D like copying shape for many times What you need to do is to copy it for the first time and then you will use this shortcut (Ctrl + D) to Repeat copying that same shape in no time (Keep in mind : It won't only copy that same shape but it also will place that new copied shape at same distance to the shape it has been copied from relative to the distance of first copy from the original shape). I think you got my point brother………… (In Adobe Illustrator)

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