Creative Landing Page Design using Html CSS & Javascript | Website Design Tutorial

Part 2 : How to Make Responsive Website using Html CSS & Javascript | Step by Step

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  1. Hello, I paid for source code and studied a lot of think from that. Thank you so much.
    However, I am getting trouble to finding the way to change color of text like "Muhammad", could you give me some advise?

  2. could you guys please tell me why use <img>in <a>?
    why use <a href="#"> ?
    I am just start to learn so please share knowledges.

  3. Amazing!! just tell me where do you teach- how i change to another page from the lading page. example if i want to click on the nav bar tab "Home" so its will forward me to that different page. how do i link them together?

  4. Tell me you already decide the values before starting this?
    Me as a beginner get demotivated that how quicker he/she is and how slower I'm😢😢😢.

  5. Thank you very much, very cool video!

    Tell me, please, but how to do it when the slider is text and it is controlled with the help of a picture?

    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks again for such useful lessons!

  6. "I'd like to make this world a better place to live, but they won't give me the source code"
    So relevant

  7. Amazing tutorial as always. Couple of suggestions, if you don't mind:

    – I can see that you are using semanthic tagging
    – If so, some of the tags you used can be omitted or changed

    for instance, since you have used <section tag, you shoud have used it instead of divs. furthermore, since you have used a <header tag you should then follow the overall semantics ruleset by introducing other semantic tags corresponding to semantic reasoning of sort.
    therefore, when <header tag is used, a <main tag should be also used. plus a <footer tag if needed, as well.


    – instead of section(sec) — header, you could have used section(sec) – – nav
    – instead of div(content) – – div(textBox, imgBox) you could have used main(content), then section or article(textBox, imgBox), or

    – div(content) then section(textBox) and section(imgBox). Just saying, ofcourse.

    I believe the semantic tagging was purpously implemented in HTML5 and, if used at all, should be used properly and as intended by the Consortium.

    All the best.

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