Custom Website Design with Elementor Pro for WordPress

Tired of all your websites looking the same with WordPress? How about learning how to create Custom Website Design with Elementor Pro for WordPress?

In this full, detailed guide to building bespoke websites with Elementor Pro, WordPress and OceanWP, I’ll take you step by step through the entire web design process.


Learn how to create custom Archive & Post Templates. How to customise your content delivery, create dynamic template designs and much, much more….

Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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  1. Take your web design skills to the next level with this in-depth tutorial on how to create more complex websites using the power of Elementor Pro, OceanWP and custom templates.

  2. I like your videos and have learned quite a bit. Keep up the good work. Three gripes:

    1 — In most of the videos I have watched, at some point you suggest a certain plugin or feature. You then say that you will not go into that feature in the video, but you will place a link in the show notes to another video you have made about that feature. Guess what? No link is provided.

    2 — You fail to update your videos. In this video, for instance. You use OceanWP because, at the time, it provided features that Elementor itself did not provide. But since then, Elementor has added many things from OceanWP into the latest release. It seems to me that OceanWP is no longer relevant. How about updating you older videos with the newer information?

    3 — I I have no confidence that this comment will be answered. I have left comments in some of your other videos when I wanted some further explanation and/or information. I am still waiting for those comments to be answered. Suggestion: maybe you should stop producing so many new videos and take the time to respond to people who write to you.

    Thank you for what you do.

  3. Hi… awesome video. Can you please tell me how to put a transparent (opaque)
    box on top of an image, adjust it's opaqueness (is that a word :))? and add text
    to it? Thank you, John PS – I have Elementor Pro with the Extras Pack and Phlox

  4. Was really enjoying and learning heaps until you got on to post and had examples . I wish I had them or knew how to acquire them so I could have followed on. If you ever do this video again with explanation on how to make the examples you had. thanks . I was lost after that and on got to the 50 min before cutting and slashing my wrists. But do appreciate the content and would like to see more.

  5. Thanks for a helpful tutorial. I'm confused about WHERE to add new content for a post. Do I Add New Post from inside Word Press and then create a Single Post page in Elementor that will pull the post content in from the WP database? Or do I select Add New Post in WP, then go straight into Elementor to create my new content? Does content for posts created in Elementor get saved in the WP database? Is there an option I'm supposed to select (maybe dynamic content) to make my bespoke Single Post page pull the content in from the database? I'm trying to get my head around which app does what but I am not understanding it and your tutorials tend to focus on one post at a time. Any help you can give is appreciated.

  6. Do you need the OceanWP Child Theme to do this properly, or can you work on OceanWP as it is? I've imported a pro demo which is nice but it doesn't quite do what I wanted it to. Is it best to Reset WordPress using a plugin before getting started? Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

  7. Hello, loving your tutorials! I've been watching lots of them. I recently purchased OceanWP and am using it with Elementor Pro to redesign our entire website. So far, so good!

    I'm working on our Homepage and trying to customize the styling of the Posts section in Elementor. I've tried various other Posts/Archives widgets in an attempt to get the styling/structure I'm seeking but haven't been able to hit the mark.

    Basically, I'd like to add a Categories link above the post title as shown in the design example mockup I've included in the following Dropbox link. As opposed to the categories 'badge' that comes standard in the posts editor which we're not fans of.

    Here's a screenshot example of what I'm going for and where I'm at:

    I've been watching lots of YouTube videos trying to figure this out on my own but I haven't been able to discover if it's even possible.

    Is the styling in my mockup example achievable? I'm not very code proficient, but is there some custom CSS I can add by chance to get the result I'm seeking?

    Any insights or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

  8. Hello, great tutorial! I wanted to ask, what happens if you buy Elementor Pro for 1 website for just the first year, so you can build the website? Will the pages you've made disappear after the PRO features expire and you don't renew the product? Thanks in advance!

  9. This is an excellent tutorial as it covers most of the areas one needs to cover [when building a website using Elementor Pro]. Supposing one had already an up-and-running website and wanted to revamp it following your tutorial. What would be the steps to take?

  10. Would be great if you took this design and optimized it for mobile. Just to show how to make the adjustments for mobile devices.

  11. Hello Paul. I just followed along with this superb tutorial to create a post template. I had a problem when inserting the Post Navigation widget at the bottom of the post. Neither "Previous" nor "Next" mention appeared.
    Any clue as to what might be the problem might ?
    Many thanks again for this very helpful tutorial.

  12. can you share the link for configuring the email? after I have set it how do I connect it to my MailChimp account?thank you very much!

  13. Just working my way through your tutorial. I presume when building the Archive/Posts that the data (images and text) is something already prepared beforehand? The reason I ask is that when I drop the "Posts" list from Elementor (32:55) there aren't any images or text to edit as visible in your example – perhaps I configured things incorrectly somewhere.
    I just built a friend's site but now she'd like to be able to edit it herself, so I am going ot rebuild in WP-Elementor. She's is an artist and wants to update her artwork as and when required; I wanted to have sections for her different types of art e.g. abstract, still life, etc. I thought different Categories would ideal for this. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  14. When you inserted the Post element to the web page, the data was pulled from all the posts. However, before that step, there were no posts because you have deleted the last one.

    Have you maybe imported sample data while we weren't looking? 🙂


  15. Hey,
    I see you're mixing different font families on the same website/page:

    Body – Muli
    All Headings – Montserrat
    Main Menu – Muli
    Blog Entry Title – Montserrat
    Blog Post Title – Montserrat

    Is this like a trend in modern web design?

    Btw, how do you decide on which font family you should use? Do you find one and stick to it for every new website? Or you play with font families every now and then to pick a different one?

    It's hard for me to decide which one should I pick for my projects, so I usually stick with what other people are using (i.e. like you :)).

  16. Great Paul, yet again. What I wondered was whether you made a Photoshop mockup for the client prior to the build, then used that as your design template after their approval?

  17. Thank you for your nice and explanatory presentation! You look very experienced and with great Verbal Transmissibility! Well Done!

  18. Thanks. Good Vid. Going watch it few more times. Switching over from Muse and still getting to grips with the relationships between WP, a theme and Elementor.

  19. Another great Tuts, thank you!!! In this tutorial you set Elementor's font a color default after setting the up the theme's fonts and colors option (15:30). Is this a better option (best practice) in your opinion, then keeping the checkbox selected in the Elementor settings to inherit the fonts and colors from your theme. Do you find issues with Elementor not inserting those settings? Thanks

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