Easiest Website Design Course #1 – Figma – Urdu اردو / Hindi हिन्दी

Easiest Website Design Course in Hindi and Urdu – Figma Website Design Course is live now!

I will upload course videos every week for you to learn in the most easiest way ever, even a 10 year old can learn from my videos.

Become a website design in 1 hour!

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  1. Very helpful video . I would like to contact you regarding a startup . Contact info please

  2. Aoa sir ,wanted to ask ke ui/ux freelancing keliye adobe photoshop or illustrator ka experience hona zruri ha?

  3. Sir, I've already taken your airschool course, and it is literally worth the money. Now, these YouTube videos are very helpful. Thank you so much, Sir 🙂

  4. Amazing work Zeeshan bhai. Thanks a lot for creating this amazing course. Apart from this your teaching style is great because you try to cover complex topics down into smaller and easy understandable pieces/chunks of information. This is a great course that will make any one with no design experience to a self ready to start your career as a UI/UX designer. Can't wait for more videos Zeeshan bhai.

    More power to you 💪💪

    Remember me in your prayers. Regards.

  5. Assalam-o-alaikum brother came here from your Instagram ❤️✌️
    I Hope your videos will help me alotttt IN'SHA'ALLAH 💕

  6. We are your early subscribers… Will support you till end…. Which will never end inshaAllah

  7. AOA Sir, this is a good step maina ek hafta pehla hi apka paid course lia tha air school se , but the idea of uploading it for free on YouTube was not good at all . But this is a complete new course which i am excited about . You are a talented teacher and i hope ke is series ko ap advance level tak continue kara it help alot . Thank you

  8. AOA Sir, First of all Thanks for this amazing and much needed course. Also kindly let me know that will go for advanced side after these basics? Or will you show how to design websites for international clients like you usually do for your clients?

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