Enhance Your Mobile Website Design | TIPS & TRICKS | 5 Portfolio Websites Reviewed on Mobile

Is your portfolio website mobile-optimized? Never overlook mobile website design because a large portion of your website traffic comes from mobile.

I usually only review the desktop version of portfolio websites but it’s time to change things up because, as we all know, mobile web traffic is only increasing and it already accounts for half of all web traffic.

For many, the mobile version of their website is an after-thought. This is a huge mistake. Why neglect half of your website visitors?

With this video, I review 5 portfolio websites on mobile and provide you with a plethora of mobile website design tips and tricks to help you make the mobile version of your portfolio website beautiful and effortlessly usable.

Websites reviewed:

Mobile optimization is key. Were you ever guilty of neglecting the mobile version of your website?

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  1. OMG 36 tabs open. That kills my brain xDD … Anyway a map in a website helps, just a little bit, the ranking of that business in Google Maps.

  2. After more than half a year, virtually no changes in the websites have been made. What a solid piece of crap people give about their online presence!

  3. it's time to take some notes and do our best. As someday, he may get to our websites too! That would be so helpful and painful at the same time 😀

  4. They reall all just seem like a Wix website someone forgot to tweak the mobile version on and just hope the free template will work out ok

  5. Hey Man great video. As a UX Designer that specializes in Mobile Responsive user centric websites I would have to say that I really liked your breakdown of each of these. Good Video!

  6. Love your reviews. They’re so technical from all perspectives: color, typography, hierarchies, tech. I am really happy that I found your channel!! Also the length of the videos is the exact amount of time, always! Than you!!!

  7. 16:30 Pro Tip: There is actually a plugin called "balance-text" to keep your text balanced with line breaks. This is especially very helpful for responsive websites.

  8. Hey Ran, if you had the chance to get work from a client, but you're already working with one of their competitors – would you still go for it?

  9. Great! But I think it's better to reduce brightness of your face. It's annoying to see your face and mobile screen(left) with same brightness.

  10. Love this breakdown. After taking your courses (currently taking ) I can almost predict the critiques before you point them out. Spot on! 👍🏼 🔥

  11. If you can show the desktop AND the mobile version it would help us to learn how people adapt their content for the different formats.

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