Essential Tips for Great Minimalist Web Design — Monday Masterclass

This Monday MasterClass we’re looking at Minimalist design, the perfect combination of great aesthetics and speed.
This episode covers a lot of valuable web-building information for all levels looking to learn about:

Why use Minimalist design 00:17
What Minimalist design is 01:02
How to use negative space 03:05
Using text to a minimum and make it a part of the design 04:45
What to look for when selecting images 05:47
Establishing clear visual hierarchy 07:06
The Nielson Group’s F-Shape pattern 07:20
Using different types of symmetry, or none at all (“Broken Grid”) 08:16
How to create a good minimalist color palette 10:04
When to use Minimalism as a design concept 12:15

Read more about Minimalism and how to create great Minimalist web designs in the in-depth post featured in this edition of Elementor’s Online Magazine:

\ EXAMPLES USED in this MASTERCLASS (in order of appearance):
▸ WebNoord |
▸ Shira Leffel |
▸ We Ain’t Plastic |
▸ The Digital Artisans |

▸ Examples of Modernist art from Wiki Art |
▸ Examples of Modernist architecture from |
▸ Google Chrome icon via Google.
▸ Nielson Group’s F-Shape pattern |
▸ Monday Masterclass: How to Use Custom Fonts on WordPress |

\ Tools we used in this Masterclass:
▸ Architect Project Page template |

Get Elementor:
Get Elementor Pro:


  1. Just thank you!Your instructions are motivating. I am an Elementor customer. I have accidentally discovered you in the ocean of WP content videos. You may find interesting the path. Youtube "Why you should NEVER start in Elementor, but in Adobe Xd (improve your web design process)" video by LivingWithPixels -> Google Adobe xd -> Google Adobe xd alternatives -> Figma -> Google for Elementor and Figma -> YOU. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  2. Hey, great point you ahve here
    And I enjoyed watching your video !
    I would like to add from my xpirience as an Interio designer for the last 24 years
    I've build Cube-online design college where 99% of my students work as PAID interior desingers WHILE THEY ARE STILL LEARNING.
    You can definatly check my video about it

  3. Great video guys! Years ago, when I first gave Elementor a try I hated it due to my lack of understanding of the builder. Fast-forward 8, 16, 30 hours working with it and I absolutely love it. I can't think of a builder that comes close to the functionality and ease of use as Elementor and pay for your yearly unlimited package ever since.

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys have up your sleeves for future updates! Keep up the great work.

  4. I like how the shelf behind you became more minimalist as the video went on (or is someone just pinching all your stuff?)

  5. Thanx for this Infos. Great! But where are the books and the bus gone. The background is getting mini and mini … 😉

  6. Great overview of minimalist design. A caution: a trend I see too often is the the use of very tiny text that is difficult for older folks and others with sight impairment to see. Also, the use of hidden features can confuse people. Hidden features and gestures violate the old Steve Krug adage: don't make me think. He isn't advocating stupidity. Rather, he's advocating for tools and clever gimmicks to get out of the way of the user. I think overall minimalist design is a fantastic approach for most websites. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

  7. Very informative. Thanks for the video. Do you have any guidelines on how to choose fonts , color or background color on Website?

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