Evolution of Web Design 1990-2019

Travel back in time to see the evolution of web design from 1990 to 2019 and see how far we have come.
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  1. Interesting and very informative… I'm 15 and currently learning web development and I'm just lucky how I was born when all of the internet is fully evolved

  2. To me, the web design is actually going downhill. I'd rather read a notepad text, where everything is clean and organized than spend 10 minutes of my life to find the proper page of power point file. My point is, web pages often tend to look unnecessarily complicated, the info is hidden and they bring stupid amount of images and take longer to process. It's especially like that, for example when you visit an official site of any car brand. I mean how many times you put something like: "page X +contact" into your search bar, because you couldn't find that basic information on the site itself?

  3. Just imagine if the interent and cell phones were never created. What would the world like look? I've always wondered that.

  4. I would like to actually combine best of both worlds. Simplicity and snappiness of 90s website (which is intended for 56kbps speed), and interactivity of modern website.

  5. I remember the old days when it was frowned upon to have more than one image on your page since it would take forever to load on Dial-Up. Now it's preferred to have tons of images.

  6. Only 30 years since the invention of internet so much has changed I wonder what will happen internet in next 30 years

  7. Thanks, my fave web history video on Youtube so far. I appreciate when people get straight to the content of a presentation vs. lots of irrelevant personal anecdotes. Also appreciate that you took the time to show all the older website designs 🙂

  8. The modern internet sucks, and I am not just saying that out of nostalgia. Everything is so unbelievably boring, just a white or black background with circular pictures, cramped up to use as much space as possible. All personalisation has been reduced to simply a circular picture and a small banner image.

  9. Im 39 and I was on the Internet in the 90s when it looked like a cartoon we thought it was so hip and badass….I feel old lol.

  10. It is Incredible that this video has less than 100K views…People only want to see the worst of this world…

  11. it's quite ironic that over time the quality of website design had deprecated greatly, it had reached it's peak in the 2000's and then because of this flat, materialistic, minimal "design" (if you can even call it like that) they started to look more and more awful.

  12. Minor note, but CSS grids were not implemented in 2007. That was when the first spec draft was published. Browser integration didn't occur until 2017.

  13. Mi primer acceso a la red fue en el 2000 aún recuerdo el formato de aquel entonces.. pero me gustaba era sincero los contenidos que se buscaba.. actualmente hay mucho relleno en la web que no debería de existir.

  14. I feel like one omission from this video is framesets, which were hugely popular in the late 90s (though completely impractical even then).

  15. A perfect chance to use the "Wayback Machine"…

    To any developer out there: What was it like creating for the ol' web?

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