Exact Steps to Sell Web Design + Website Projects

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Exact Steps to Sell Web Design + Website Projects

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If you have any questions on any of the content in this video – just let me know. I try to get back to everyone who leaves a comment so let me know what you need help with.

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– Rob

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  1. I planned on recording for 10 minutes and ended up going for 30 minutes!!!
    Really wanted to help you all with this one – an exact plan you can use for selling websites and web design projects.
    Let me know what you think in the comments and any questions you might have. Thanks everyone 🙂

  2. did I just land on a gold mine no no no this is a fucking gold glacier.
    i mostly i never comment on any video
    but the value you provide here teaching me soo much about mindset then anything else i have seen for years

  3. Please do make a video for objection handling. some of the common objection that I come across are I am not looking for a website now, social media is doing good for me I don't think I need a website, I work all by myself and don't have a team yet so I don't think I need a website now.

  4. such a wonderful information about selling your website projects. Thanks Rob. I just want to ask if you have a template for sending a PROJECT PLAN & Contract. Thanks

  5. I always like before the video even start playing… Just building my portfolio then will start prospecting soon… Perfect timing! Thanks Rob.. Always awesome

  6. Hi Fox, awesome content, tons of value for me, who is just starting this adventure. Like You've said, good idea is to make video on how to make Budget for the project (what parts of the project cost this amount, others cost this amount), so you prepare sth like this, when a client can resign from some parts to get better price or its unchengable, as your project is a whole? Second question: What a project plan consist of? You could show us a real-world exemplary project that you've made. Third question that I think have a lot of beginners: How business problems can be resolved on the website? What do you recommend for example. for better informing people about ofert, or for better generating new clients, what types of web design tools you use to achieve it. Perhaps it often depends on the client you work with, but could you prove us some examples, so we can get a better picture of it?
    Thanks again, I hope You're gonna think about videos on these topics!

  7. Hey, I know this may seem like a simple question but whatever. If I have a customer who already has a website and I just want t o make a new website but with the same domain name/url, how can I do that?

  8. Hey Rob – Does living in Poland hinder your ability to get remote gigs in North America, especially when you sent out cold emails in the past? (I assume the clients realize that you're not working from North America at some point, either in the original cold emails or when you talk to them on the phone.) When I send out cold emails, I include my overseas office address in my signature so they know upfront.

  9. I'm probably a minority here but could you use a dry erase whiteboard? The sound of the marker as you write is extremely cringy lol. Anyways great video so much good information you have shared!

  10. hi Fox, great video as always, I think that with this I have pretty clear how to approach a client, but the point where I am struggling is WHAT CLIENTS to approach? I don't know how to pick, don't know what to look on the internet to find them…

  11. Hello Rob, I had 2 question

    1. How do you convince a client that the website can get them more customers ( if the client is already an industry leader and gets tons of customers through word of mouth and just wants a digital brochure as a website )?

    2. How do you convince the client the benefit of following the latest web design trends ( if the client wants to follow backdated design of another industry leaders website, which was probably last designed in the 1990s)

  12. Awesome video again, Rob! This is definitely one of the best videos I've seen about selling web design. It's such a helpful framework to guide the relationship towards a sale and successful client relationship, and positions you as value-based option from the beginning offering a thoughtful, considerate pricing by taking into account the needs of the client.

  13. So when you say you are fixing problems, how is that? Through SEO, custom code, plugins, etc? Or is it bringing the client up to a better understanding of how web design fill's some of those roles in general?

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