Figma VS Adobe XD (2020) | Best Web Design Tool

Which is better: Figma vs Adobe XD? Maybe there is no best web design tool and each has its strengths? Does it even matter? I’ll be answering all of these questions in this video.

I recently told you guys that I had switched over to Adobe XD, and I got some questions when you found out that I had been using Figma to redesign the current Flux Academy website. So, I’m here to explain the switch and help you decide on Figma vs Adobe XD.

If you’re confused about which web design software to use then think about it this way: Think about your needs. Think about which software offers the features that fulfill those needs. Do what works best for you. Do what’s easier, more seamless and cheaper for you.

Once you’ve figured out your needs and decided on a tool, you’ll realize that it’s all situational and that there really is no “best”. The best web design tools are the ones you do your best work with. In the end, it’s all about doing good work.

Which web design software do you use and why? Let me know in the comments.

00:00 Intro
1:09 Why I’m using Figma to redesign the Flux website
2:50 Why I switch between Figma and Adobe XD regularly
3:24 Recap

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  1. Not a useful video. You might have compared the features, capabilities, target markets, etc. "Use whichever works best for you" isn't helpful information. Appreciate the effort, though.

  2. Yeah all I heard was writers don’t have XD (or design apps in general) and Figma has browser capability so they can view stuff via the browser version of Figma online.
    Why can’t the writers simply send you a word or txt file.
    If they need to see the content you can send them screenshots, or remote facetime with them (zoom, skype, meet, etc).
    I just think it’s backwards to bend over backwards to accommodate a team member, who’s not even the client, and who really doesn’t need the tool in order to do their job.
    But maybe I’m missing something.

  3. I'm new in design and I've learnt Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. So I am wondering which is more useful to learn first, XD or Figma.

  4. I almost bought sketch in 2019 and now it seems like no one uses it nearly as much, glad I didn't go for it as it seems like figma and XD are the ones that are used the most these days

  5. It's not about which one is better. It's about which one is more in demand. People would buy infamous branded items for a high price (for example apple sheeps) but won't pay for better items if they are not of a famous brand. From my experience in different marketplaces, I can say that Figma is 95%+ more sought after than adobe XD. Almost every single UX projects come with Figma in the tag. I rarely see Adobe XD.

  6. Just worked out that in Xd you can't link from a button on one board to a specific section on another board. WTF!? Xd is like Muse, same team same issues = NOT Dependable. Adobe will probably cancel this App in the near future. Be warned! ⚠

  7. Figma is so much better! Adobe xd it's limited, confuse and dificult. And you need to atualized every month… doesn't work.

  8. why people prefer figma rather than adobe xd? you must be online if you want to use figma right?

  9. Irrespective of the video adobe creative cloud keeps fucking up, making me download ad reinstall it so i figured figma is just better

  10. Unfortunately when using mac, adobe xd does a terrible job exporting to PDF. Ruins everything, so I ditched the software and went to Figma! You can google lots of people complaining about this and Adobe not giving that much attention! Besides, adobe eats up your computer ram and that is why I also switched to Affinity photo, publisher etc. Last, XD only lets you share one link! Sorry adone, but you are losing clients by the minute!

  11. I adore how realistic and to the point you are on your channel! It's just about the only channel that doesn't frustrate me because I don't have a lot of time to digest the info I need! Thank you!

  12. Figma is way more reliable for components, and has way less glitches. Also the canvas size on XD is way too small for any mid-size project. 100% recommend Figma

  13. I'm having a similar experience with Webflow and Oxygen those who want to remain on WordPress, Oxygen to build site is very similar. It's always good having a few tools in your toolbox!

  14. Never like figma or sketch, both are just overrated. I am an adobe user ever since I learned photoshop. The good thing using Adobe XD is it seamless when working together with Photoshop and Illustrator, assuming your using Adobe Cloud of course. For web-based Figma, if you have a lagging internet connection, good luck with your work, it won't get save.

  15. i even didn't catch a word saying which one is better and why… blah blah blah worse thing I spent my four minutes on useless+++

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