Free Course: Beginner Web Design using HTML5, CSS3 & Visual Studio Code

Learn how to build a simple website in HTML5 & CSS3 in Visual Studio Code.
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Free 33 Video extract from the full course: HTML5 and CSS3 Course for Beginners: Responsive Web Design Essentials using Visual Studio Code.

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Introduction to Web Design: 0:00
How this course is structured: 1:58
What to download: 3:39
Creating our first web page: 6:37
What is HTML5 & CSS3: 12:32
Head vs body vs html tag: 20:56
Title & description: 30:51
What code editor should I use?: 36:46
Using Div Tags: 40:26
What is a CSS Class: 46:52
How to nested divs: 55:58
Class Project 01: 1:01:01
External CSS: 1:06:26
Creating our index style pages: 1:15:33
Testing your website: 1:27:49
Check your code for errors: 1:36:34
What are HTML5 structure tags: 1:47:36
Add html5 structure elements: 1:53:23
How to color the background: 2:09:26
Adding images to a website: 2:14:36
How to center an image: 2:19:15
Change the font size & color: 2:20:29
Make a clickable link: 2:34:41
Stretching background image: 2:43:27
Making a div tag transparent: 2:49:05
Simple website text navigation: 2:51:42
CSS compound classes: 2:58:25
Class Project 02: 3:05:28
Class Project 02 – COMPLETE: 3:07:33
Add a email button to a website: 3:12:23
Add Google Maps to your website: 3:16:12
Making a website live: 3:27:35
Uploading via SFTP: 3:44:27
Outro: 3:56:16

Hi there, my name is Daniel Scott and together we’re going to learn how to build professional responsive websites. which look good on mobiles, tablets and desktop screens.

We will build 4 sites together in the full course:
a simple but elegant restaurant website.
a bike repair website.
a responsive portfolio website.
a Bootstrap website.

We cover everything you need to build your first website. From creating your first page through to uploading your website to the internet. We’ll use the world’s most popular (and free) web design tool called Visual Studio Code.

There are exercise files you can download and then work along with me. At the end of each video I have a downloadable version of where we are in the process so that you can compare your project with mine. This will enable you to see easily where you might have a problem.

We will delve into all the good stuff such as how to create your very own mobile burger menu from scratch learning some basic JavaScript and jQuery.

You will:
Learn how to work with responsive images and icons. and stunning full screen background images and probably one too many gradients.
Learn how to create forms and to choose great fonts for your website.
Learn how to work with Bootstrap 4 to easily add carousels, cards and complex looking menus.
Setup a domain name with hosting so that your website is live on the internet for others to see.

There are fun class projects for you to work on which will enable you to practice what you learn. By the end of this course you’ll have a great understanding of important web design topics like HTML5, CSS3, Flex box, Responsive design and Bootstrap.

If that all sounds a little too fancy – don’t worry, this course is aimed at people new to web design and who have never coded before. We’ll start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step.

Who am I?

I’m Dan, and I’ve been building websites for about 15 years now. I am award winning instructor, and have won a MAX Master award for the last 2 years in a row at the prestigious Adobe Max conference.

Time to upgrade yourself?
Sign up for the course and let’s learn how to build responsive websites.

Music: Bright Hip-Hop by Trending Music, Courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.


  1. Can I make a restaurant website with only css and html to actually use for a restaurant? It’s a very simple website that’ll just display info and link to a online ordering site. Will the website run into problems if I only use html and css? And also, is php needed?

  2. Can someone tell me why chrome saying this site can't be reached when I click on the link to the free exercise files

  3. Hi dan, i hope you be okay and fine,thank you for the course and for you time we will never forget that, thank you very much
    and have a nice day

  4. For the background image add this
    Background-attachment: fixed;

    That would solve the problem of seeing part of the background colour at the bottom

  5. I just want to say thank you for all the courses , i have learnt PS AI , and now HTML CSS just from this guy right here .

  6. This is amazing im 11 and I'm trying to learn coding and web development this is brilliant 👏 😅

  7. For people who do this in visual studio and not vsCode
    if you want to make the color transparent on 2:51:00 it doesnt work so what i did is this

    nav {



    height: 40px;


    have a nice day

  8. this video is the best and helped me a TON lot I really liked his calm voice and the way he speaked and how they always does it the easy part!

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  10. I need help
    im on the <img src=" " alt=" ">
    but for some reason, the picture overrides with the header, nav, main and footer.
    yes im using my own logo

  11. How come when I put an image inside the header tag, the image is breaking out of the header's height dimentsion? Isn't logical that the size of the image, if it is larger than the parent container it's in, to be resized to fit the parent container by default?

  12. No one else has an issue with calling this a free course when you have to pay to download the exercise files? And you don't know that till you get all excited that this might not be one of those bait and switch pitches that are just about standard issue anymore. How disappointing. I don't begrudge you your dough, dude – I just think you have more class than an eye rollingly pathetic marketing tactic ~ but I could be wrong about that too…it's not what you do. It's the way you do it.

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