FREE Website Design Device Mockups! (PSD Template Download)

Here are 2 (FREE) Website Design Device Mockup Templates! These are the same ones I use for my web design portfolio and website device mockup graphics. These are Photoshop (PSD) Templates but if you don’t use Photoshop, don’t worry. In the post I mention some free online device mockup generator options for you as well.

View the full post with links and resources mentioned at:

Video outline:

01:18 – Online mockup generator option (if you don’t use Photoshop)
02:43 – How to download the templates
03:49 – Extracting the template files
04:15 – Walkthrough of the PSD templates
05:32 – Taking exact screenshots of your design
07:04 – Creating the (2 Device) mockup in Photoshop
10:47 – Creating the (4 Device) mockup in Photoshop

To download the templates, be sure to login or sign up for a free account on my site at:

👇Download your FREE (2 Device) Mockup at:

👇Download your FREE (4 Device) Mockup at:

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  1. Also, I just tried to open the PSD file in an older version of Photoshop, CS2, and it can't open it. I get unknown data has been encountered and reading layer "REPLACE SCREEN" and will be discarded. I get that on a couple of the other layers and then get an error that it could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop. I have a later version on another system and will try that one later.

  2. The one thing I have noticed when using the website you highlighted to do this is that if you are logged into the site when you enter the URL, it will add the admin bar to the image. Is the chance of the website going away the main reason you use the PSD files over the website?

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