Get More Website Clients With Email Outreach (Web Design Cold Email Automation)

Today I am sharing with you how to create Web Design Cold Email Automation within your web design business.

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I talk through the standard email outreach method that many use to grow their web design business. This is very time-consuming and since email outreach is a numbers game, it’s much more effective to get web design clients online when you automate the first part of the process.


Here I have included a cold email script that highlights how to cold email clients, aiming to secure a meeting, you can implement this into gmass, or your mail merge email automation tool.

Hi {first name},

Just a quick email to reach out to you…

I recently come across your {business name} website and noticed that right now on your website, there a few sections that could be quickly improved. For example, there is no SSL certificate, which means people might think your website is insecure.

The problem with this is that you could be losing out on sales and leaving a bad first impression for visitors.

The good news is, what I have mentioned is pretty easy to fix.

If it works for you we could have a very quick call and discuss a very affordable solution that means your website is back working right away.

Is that something you’d be interested in?

{sign off}


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  1. How do you prevent hurting your email spam score or domain doing this? I would love to try but…I just sent in my spam box and found a bunch of website pitch emails just from today. How do you get yours to not go to spam?

  2. Amazing content as always! I learned the skill of web design not so long ago, and I only use WordPress, and now I want to get my first paying client! How’d you recommend me to take on this approach, what specific strategy should I use in order to generate more prospects? I’d really appreciate the feedback

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