GETTING YOUR WEBSITE READY FOR DEVELOPMENT: Free Web Design Course 2020 | Episode 15

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  1. I'm wondering if it isn't easier to just use a website constructor right away that allows to create the same designs from scratch than create a design here and then download all the assets and recreate it again while building it? Seems like an extra step

  2. i didnt know what to do with the designed thing.. i didnt know how to make a real working website with the designed one . thanks for this free opportunity to learn this..

  3. For everyone looking for Episode 15: I think it isn't missing. It's title don't have the ": Free Web Design Course 2020 | Episode 15" part, but I think it's uploaded as "Making Your Website Responsive", which makes sense in reference to the end of Episode 14. I'm not sure if it's intentional or Ran just forgot to put the missing part in the title.

  4. Thank you Ran. Is this episode supposed to be the 15?
    Love your content and im sure that I will take and learn your full course!

  5. Just wondering , this is episode 16 of the free web design course , where is episode 15 ? Seems after episode 14 you missed it out . By the way great course thank you.

  6. Nice one, do you have any good courses or resource or a youtube channel recommendation on Good Visual Design principles and insipiration?

  7. What will be the format of animated icons that you will handover to the developer? Are those going to be videos?
    Btw, love your videos, they are super helpful! 💖

  8. Superb, I am loving your videos as those are giving actual ground-level knowledge of how to tackle the things. I only felt that if you can explain the things more clearly as communication-wise as well as depth that will be awesome.

  9. Great video! Check out “ImageOptim” for Mac. I’ve been using it for years and it is incredible. Compression is great, no online upload, and a lot of manual controls. 👍🏽🔥

  10. For the "states" thing… use a design system, it's the best option to make understand other peoples (developers, other designers) how your components should work. It's less time consuming than creating each artboard for each state.

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