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If you don’t have a Google Business Website Design then you are missing out on over 50% of the call to actions visitors make. Phone calls and directions are no where near as popular as visiting a well designed website.

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This video answers the question “why having a website is really important to your google my business listing” and gives some live examples of how you can a get a free website.

Additionally a well optimised website with good domain authority will build a stronger authority in Google’s ranking and help boost your Google My Business ranking as well as your organic website in the search engine results page. When the two work side by side together, your business becomes a strength that will bring in more enquiries and more customers.

In the Summer of 2019, BrightLocal explored the listings of 45,000 anonymous local businesses. With what result? A typical business receives 59 actions from their Google My Business listing each month. Over half of the actions taken on Google My Business listings included a website visit. 56% of actions are website visits is not something to ignore!

The 3 actions they measures were
► Calls : 24%
► Website visits : 56%
► Request for directions : 20%

Since then I believe we can now add the 4th action which is a quote button. In effect this will text you if you have the GMB app on your phone and you have confirmed with Google everything is verified.

The way the metrics were measured by the survey was for a visit to your website to be counted, then a customer would have to view your website through the Google My Business “Website link” on your listing. This could go through to your free Google My Business website or through to your professional domain website. Either count.

For the “Request directions” to be counted the customer would via an app or maps request directions to your business. This is pretty powerful indicator and often encouraged by businesses wanting a boost in rankings.

Then the “Call you telephone number found on the Google website. This is where a customer calls your business using the link provided through Google. I’m not sure if this measurement is very reliable as many will just type the number into their phone and dial independently.

On the insights section it will displays as ‘Phone call actions’ on bulk reports. Google does make a note on its support section. “This represents the number of clicks on the call button on your business profile. If the user copies the number and dials it manually or ends the call before it connects, you may see discrepancies between number of Phone Calls on the Insights page and number of actual calls your business receives.”

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Why is having a website so important
1:20 More shop and services need a website
1:40 How do your enquiries arrive?
2:00 Delve into my desktop to see how GMB websites work
3:00 Link to Video : What is Google My Business website?
3:45 It’s still all about websites
4:00 Request a quote button (video)
4:25 Review of websites live
4:55 Review of Directions live
5:15 Review of Calls live
5:45 Link to if you need a website
6:10 Free Google My Business website with call action
7:00 Google My Business Dashboard area for a free website with themes etc
7:40 Recap on 3 call to actions
8:20 Tip: use the link of the free website for GMB listing
9:15 Example of request a quote button
9:40 Website domains can effect your Google My Business authority
10:20 Some general reminders to help you grow in authority on your website

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  1. hi, do you have a video on how to change website on google my business? I have created a website but gmb has created one automatically for me. I would like to know how to change it to the one I personally created. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Zane, for a business that already has its own business, do you think the free GMB listing website adds value and helps listings rank better? I never used the GMB one, always thought it would be confusing to have two websites.

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