How to Choose Colors (Easy 3-Step Process)

Choosing colors for a new project is a daunting task for many (including myself). 🤑 FREE Google Fonts Guide 👉

There’s so much ambiguity involved:
How do I decide on my primary color?
How do I match it with other great colors?
How do I apply all of my colors thoughtfully to my website?

All of these questions are answered in this video through a simple & reliable 3-step process that you can apply to any project.

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Choosing a dominant color
2:00 Add two more colors
4:12 How to apply your colors

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Thanks for watching the video!


  1. I love all these rules. Although they're helpful for beginners and sophomoric designers. I think more experienced and capable designers get expand on this beginner palate.

  2. Pretty helpful man, as a designer, color is my weakness. But your short video help me realized the importance of the 60 30 10 rule. Thank you so much for this man, and I'm looking forward to learn more from your upcoming videos

  3. Great helpful video! I would only hold back from the "color meaning" theory – it's a thin ice, differs for cultures and context – also no scientific fundaments:) Anyway love following your content! Bests:)

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