How to Create a Website using HTML and CSS | Homepage Design

How to Create a Website using HTML and CSS | Homepage Design

In This Basic HTML CSS Tutorial, We will Learn how to create a Website Home page design in HTML and CSS. Watch the video for creating homepage design in html and css with source code.

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  1. May i know how to do the next one ? what should i do if i click the about then it turns into about

  2. Pls tell me when I use background: linear gradient…..and url(image) , only gradient is visible In website, my background image disappearez

  3. Background image does not work. Everything is the same except the image. Seems to be an issue for many

  4. Hi please I need some help I have created the tabs and everything in html and css but dont know how to add content to the tabs….any help ?

    Am a beginner 😶

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