How to create Frames in html ? frameset tag | Website Design tutorials

Introduction to frames in HTML Website Designing
Frames are the division of window either horizontal or vertical
Rows and columns HTML frame Tag
HTML frameset tag | HTML frame tag
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  1. If the "frame" tag cannot be used in Html 5, than which tag can we use in Html 5, instead of "frame" tag?

  2. Hello, maybe you can put the subtitles in the video because I cannot understand some of the words youre saying. However, your video is pretty helpful for me. Thank you ^^

  3. Bro please give me code how to set one row and 2 columns in html form using frame set tag??

  4. Hello sir
    Thank you so much for this video.
    Yours all videos are very helpful for us. Sir please make a videos on JavaScript and CSS computer language in easy way because we need that.
    Thank you.

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