How to design a killer home page (advanced web design)

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In this video, I’ll look at some simple techniques for home page design. In this video, the main points that I cover include:

Table of Contents
Engagement Media
Content Silos
Connects to your main offer
Defines your role
No Flash (media or programming)

In web design, the home page design should function as your gateway to the rest of your offers and content and should therefore operate as a funnel to your company. The home page design should 1 of 5 major page designs including:

Home page design
Silo page design
Sub-silo page design
Landing Page Design
Contact page Design

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  1. The content is king! Video was not long – was long enough to deliver me important knowledge! Thank you. BTW: I love the way you started your speech 🙂 The crucial message was delivered, as you say – as the bell on the whistles… Apart from graphic designers you are focused on the business purpose and logical schema. I dig in that! Thank you again. Will see you in a moment in Silo Structure (for the first time I heard you saying that, even as a manager – I was not sure if it is one word or two and how to spell it – so I have experienced pleasure of invention – which helped me in clicking all the ways your video library as the monkey in a forest. BTW#2: I take notes of course 🙂 Good luck!

  2. The link to the templates doesn't work. Takes me to clickfunnels to buy that. Also went through your website… ended right back at the same point. Is this no longer available?

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