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  1. Thx Uriel.!

    this video helped me with those tricks about: margin, spaces, positioning, fixed, absolute.. and stuff like that. I have been having some issue on that. T H A N K Y O U.


  2. Great Video man. Thanks for uploading it. Was able to grasp the principles of Responsive Design in Elementor a bit better.
    I have one question: How do you set up the browser inspector so it shows the three different colored lists of breakpoints like seen at 52:00 for example?

  3. Hi thank you so much for sharing, can i ask if i edit on moblie , is that change on tablet and laptop also? How cam we control all of this if it still change after we amend on one thing.

  4. Hi, first of all thank you very much for the fantastic manual, I followed it to the letter, but now I find that how I do it because if I want to go to another section I have a page just like the one there and I modify the its content? for example upcoming treks. I say that because I only stick with the home page then 🙁 Thank you

  5. This is awesome…Open my eyes to designing great sites…One question 'Were you do find the inspect option to view and change different responsive sizes..?'

  6. Went through the entire video. Very informative, especially in learning workflow for Elementor. Thanks for posting!

  7. Hello Uriel , how can i stop my site from sliding to the left with space on the right please on mobile? whenever i look at it on mobile , it looks good , as soon as i scroll, the whole site down moves to the left with an unwanted scroll bar at the bottom how can i stop this please?

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