How To Design A Website In 30 Minutes | Web Design Tutorial

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How To Design A Website In 30 Minutes | Web Design Tutorial

Today we are going to take a look on how to design a website in 30 minutes using Figma. I tried to create a website design that condenses down some important topics in web design, like structuring our pages propery, color theory and fonts.

You can take these design concepts and apply them to anything, not just web design.

I highly recommend you downloading the pictures bellow and follow along to practice your web design skills.

This may not be super perfect, but I taught it might be a fun web design challenge to try out.

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Edited Pictures:

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  1. i wish you were on Twitch too. You're mode-aura is so refreshing. even, if you talk entire stream about cats-foods i know i can watch without alt-tab

  2. [design update]: "order shipping info."…how many webpages do not display a auto-refresh tracking information for any given online purchase of store goods?!?! right there on the same page after order, just keep the page up, refresh to see what its up to.

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