How to Improve Your Web Design Sales Pitch 1000%

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How to Improve Your Web Design Sales Pitch 1000%

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There are a lot of web designers out there putting in the work to sell web design, but who are seeing no results. When selling a website they focus on doing “more” to hopefully get make more sales. More emails. More sales calls. More messaging owners. And so on.

But to sell web design you need to have certain things in place before ever even reaching out to business owners. Without them, you won’t be able to sell web design no matter how much work you do.

In this video, we cover the biggest thing you need before selling websites – trust. If a business owner can’t trust you they won’t ever buy from you. And this goes even more for selling websites. Quite simply lots of business owners will find it hard to believe your sales pitch if you can’t build trust quickly.

In this tutorial, we could how this level of trust impacts your sales pitches and what you can do to fix it.

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  1. Thanks everyone! That is it for section one – next up how to build a lot of trust when starting from scratch.

  2. what if you are new in the game and you have very limited projects to show? kindly comment below section.

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  4. This is an eye-opener, one of a kind, life-changing speech. I'm doing the bad examples you mentioned all the time. lol.

  5. Fantastic video! But wouldn't the business owner scared to work with someone, who worked with his competitor?

  6. a small flaw in this plan: you can't name drop big names in an industry without having worked for them first and if you've worked for them already chances are pretty good that you don't need to name drop.

  7. Wow 😮 just be a person that has made a website for huge companies than you can the trust. Bro are you kidding me? You talked about noone trusting you cause your knew.

  8. Ok great. But what if I have never worked with some other company that is well know. How does that work anyway?

  9. Also know when you get on the phone with a prospect. Sound confident and interested in them. Genuinely be interested in their issues and their business and they will they will trust you.

  10. You're focusing too much on making your sentences sound pretty instead of getting to the point.just saying , take this as constructive criticism

  11. When you step back and look at it what you are saying seems obvious. Probably why it scared me so much when I realized how much I sound like the first developer. How far were you into web dev when you made these connections? Your reddit post brought me here btw, so glad I came across that, great information.

  12. I am watching your videos now, very helpful since I am a newbie to a web desining company, sales rep. I really need some tutorials to improve.

  13. So I should create a few websites for free and track results. Then reach out to other businesses and build trust with my past results to charge a profitable rate ?

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