How to Learn Web Design FAST (The 5-Step Process)

Learning web design in 2021 is faster and simpler than ever. Thanks to a myriad of new tools and resources, you don’t even need to learn to code. Just follow this simple, 5-step process and you’ll become a web designer in no time.

00:51 Pick a web design tool
08:18 Consume all content about that tool
08:55 Choose a web design niche
11:24 Practice, practice, practice
13:10 Sell yourself as an expert in that tool/niche

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  1. so good, other people tell to start learning programming, getting expensive softwares

    but this was great

  2. Need a website built for you immediately? Email us! You don't have to pay a dime until you see the finished work. We also take care of the backend if you need us to.
    Waiting to hear from you.

  3. This is a great video except—the background music is a bit too high. It should come down a few notches and be heard but not intrusive.

  4. i am actually looking for very good web designer to design something that really soothes what i need and have international standard. i have a web designer asking for a cost of $12000 and another asking for $416 and keep wondering, how do I know which is best. Of course, everyone one will feel the best should be the more expensive designer, but that is actually not the case. So i decided to check for myself what makes a website very good and it seems it instead bring me to how can i personally develop a very good website.

    Funny! Anyways…..if that question could be answered i will be glad because i know i need a very robust website and need it sooner.
    I will sure learn how to do it myself.

  5. This video changes every thing to, thanks you give me a great guidance. 💚 appreciate this 🙏🏼

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