How to Make a Website and Earn Money Online | by Him eesh Madaan

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This video is a part of my series on helping you to learn and earn online. This video will help you if you are looking for ways to make a website and earn money from it. This video will guide you step by step on how you can create a website and work from home to make money. I have also shared 5 earning opportunities to earn from a website along with my story and some important tips to ensure that you are able to create a website in right way!

Wish you all the best,
Him eesh Madaan

Co-curated by Team Him eesh (Pragya Narang and Rahul)


  1. Hi Saloni,

    First of all, you mustn't allow spam comments on your beautiful channel where people just post comments to advertise themself with no value addition or valid feedback and same pinch me as these comments waste my time and other people's too as I and them don't learn from them plus garbage in any form even if it is digital, stinks. there are some idiots who are writing sir for a female and surprisingly you are not deleting their comments which are reducing the quality of your channel as nonsense comments bring morale down!

    00:3000:50 – Secondly, I have an objection to your statement that Affiliate Marketing, in general, is not lucrative and brings more problems than benefits. I would like to tell you that instead of criticizing Affiliate Marketing, you could have directly stated what you want to tell your viewers about the Work From Home (WFH) job, the secret one.

    Did you try Affiliate Marketing yourself to make a negative comment about it?

    Patt Flynn, Adam Enfroy, Spencer Haws, Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel, and many others are very successful bloggers and Affiliate Marketers too earning at least $ 20,000 p.m with their income reports as proof that they share every month. So, your statement that Affiliate Marketing is problematic is not right. Such comments mustn't be made just to tell that what you are telling is a good one and other works are bad.

    Even WFH jobs can be problematic depending upon the person doing same depending on his/her understanding, implementation, dedication, discipline, and consistency and can be a scam too if proper research is not done and money is given as registration fees with no work given after same or no payment for correctly completed work. I agree with you that MLM Or Network marketing and Data Entry for Indians is definitely not worth trying but Affiliate Marketing is definitely very lucrative compared to Work From Home jobs if done correctly.

    You are a wonderful Youtuber and your hard work, logical approach and intelligence are evident in your videos though I haven't seen all but have seen the thumbnails and titles, etc. of all videos while looking for Earn Money Online content. But it doesn't mean that you are 100% perfect with your criticizing of Affiliate Marketing which made me write this comment which I hope you will take positively. Thanks for sharing so much wonderful information for free from your side in a beautiful way that I have found useful! The video about your skincare routine looks very odd to me with me being male and only seeing the title and not the actual video, though the channel is yours and you are the boss to do anything over here with me not finding any channel mission of yours anywhere. Found Relatable Content, Served Weekly written at the top that I don't understand very clearly to know the exact type of content posted by you without looking at all the titles of the videos!

    Wishing you more Success!

    Didn't post my real name over here as a lot of YouTubers hate me immensely because I write the truth which has made them have a loss! They may harm me or people linked to me!

  2. Mrs Clarissa's is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  3. When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you. ~Lolly Daskal

  4. Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. ~John D. Rockefeller

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