How To Make A Website Header Using HTML And CSS | Create Website Design With HTML & CSS

Learn How To Make A Website Header Using HTML And CSS | Create Website Design With HTML & CSS Step by Step

In this video we will learn to create a website header section design with the help of HTML and CSS.

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  1. hi brother can you please make a complete responsive website tutorial for chocolate company ( chocolate ecomerce website ) with html css and js

  2. Please, upload a tutorial of a header of a responsive website, I always see that you upload only for the computer version it would be nice to see how you make that same header that is responsive

  3. Please continue this all header video till responsive , it will more helpful for learner🙏🏻

  4. i tried to write all your code in html and css and i don't have the same result. the div of text goes under the div of header and user.
    why happen that?

  5. thanks sir. but my question is could you make it responsive i mean adding the databases and so on. hope u will reply.

  6. Thanks so much for the HTML and CSS tutorials. Please could you also do some beginner JAVASCRIPT tutorials?

  7. Hey, u forget about social-media page? 🥺.. can you do a page for settings and one for help and support? U explaining so good and i wanna know how to do perfect.

  8. Hey guys, i just want to ask that how i can work the nav bar ? It's 1 page and everytime i click it, it will change.
    Ex: the word inside the navbar "home" is "Hello" then click "About us"then it will show new word like "hi" .

  9. Hello from where do u download images for website making i do know some sites but need ur opinion

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