How To Make A Website Like YouTube Using HTML CSS JS | Video Sharing Website Design

Learn How To Make A Website Like YouTube Using HTML, CSS And JavaScript | Video Sharing Website Design Front-end, Step by step tutorial

In this video will make a video sharing website design like YouTube using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and this website design is completely inspired by YouTube. As you can see on my computer screen, this is the website design that we are going to create in this video.
We will create 2 pages, Fist page of this website will be home page with a left sidebar, one banner and list of videos with thumbnail, videos title and channel info, then we will create 2nd page of this website that is video watch page. on this page we will add a video and video information, channel information, list of comments and we will make sidebar with list of suggested videos.
This page is also responsive for small screen devices. We will learn to make this complete website design using HTML, CSS and very small JavaScript. So let’s make this website design like YouTube.

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  1. Can anyone channel member please give source code link . I am trying to do this as my college project if anyone help means always thankful for them🙂

  2. thank you for the tutorial, sir.
    compiling each element in ur video with timeframes will be helpful.

  3. Great design – better than YouTube’s own. How could I use php, bootstrap, etc. to turn this into a fully functioning website with a database and backend?

  4. trust me i am not that good at it 🙁 all i needed is not that codiing but without coding tho 🙁

  5. I fixed this problem, but at least it was only for a few minutes (of me wondering why it wasnt working right)
    I was wondering why the right buttons were on a new line, I figured it out (I didnt realize nav class was flex-div)

  6. Hi, I am a non-techi so I don’t understand much. I have a situation. I ordered a web creator to creat a website for me, his job is almost done he just have to upload it into a sever and he is done with my order. I also have a friend who is also into IT he said that in addition to thing that the web creator has to upload my website into a server I also have to ask the web designer to give me the code, is my friend explain to me that if later I want to update some functions, first the changes with be done to the source code then it will be uploaded into the server. I asked the web creator to give me the source code of the website as well but he said their is no need for him to give me the source code because the code already will be in the server therefore if I want to modify it I can do it in the server itself. I am kind of confused and dot know what to do, could anyone who understand this matter tell me what should I do. Thanks in advance.

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